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Question 1:
- What makes an airport good for pilots?
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"Well in my opinion an airport considered good by pilots is basically an airport with very good infrastructure and I could give some examples in terms of the infrastructures that we usually like having at the airport.


It starts with a good runway and that means a long and wide runway. Maybe not even just one, but actually to have several runways is always a better option as well.

Question 2:
- What is CRM and why is it important in aviation?
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"Well CRM is basically a training. It's a little bit difficult to put in words and to explain because it's a training concept and I'm not really a specialist on CRM, by the way I never even took this course, but I have some idea of what it is and so I'll give you some thoughts on it...


CRM is basically this training for pilots and crewmembers and also ground staff nowadays, to interact better, to work cooperatively better and therefore enhances safety...

Question 3:
- Have you ever had any kind of malfunctions when you were flying?
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"Yes I actually had a few minor malfunctions, nothing drastic but occasionally I did have a few small problems with the aircraft I flew.


I had problems with the lights once, I also had a blown out tire but it happened during taxi so it was not so problematic...


What else...

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